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8 Ways To Save Money While Moving

saving Mar 01, 2021

1. Get actual rates: instead of googling “U-Haul rental cost” call your local place, & find out the exact price of truck + insurance + tax.


2. Clean out the fridge: before moving, start eating up all the froze veggies in the fridge, the apples in the pantry & use that up before buying food before you leave and having to transport it. Plus ❌ no wasting food is betta for the world too 🌎


3. Negotiate everything: rental car, new apartment rent, old apt deposit, new furniture, you name it—it’s negotiable.


4. Plan for the unexpected: shit will happen and you’ll forget you need a new shower curtain rod & need a target run. Don’t fret—just plan some extra moola for unexpected expenses.


5. Decide what you want for new place: most likely you’ll want a few new things for the new place—plan it out to decide what you want to spend & then facilitate that as you go along.


6. Communication. If you’re splitting costs with a roommate or significant other, make sure to communicate about who is buying what and how you’ll break it down. Venmo right away? Or keep track and pay it all back later?


7. Know moving costs. Moving is generally a higher cost. If you’re moving for work, ask/negotiate for your company to relocate you or give you a relocation bonus.


8. Put everything on a debit card instead of a credit card. Moving is expensive—adding a 20% interest rate on top of everything you’re paying for adds up.


Budgeting isn’t restriction—it’s a plan that allows you full confidence in spending, instead of guilt. Create a spreadsheet of your upcoming expenses & feel 💯 confident so you can spend your time enjoying the move instead of stressing over the moola. 💸



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