The signature 12-week program that completely transforms your finances -- from tackling debt to becoming an investing badass, healing your relationship with money and everything in between. 

Bottom line: We teach you how to build guilt-free wealth, without restriction or sacrifice.




Have you ever been told that you need to stop buying take-out, skip the vacation, or give up online shopping to get ahead with money?

Well, that's not the vibe around here.

LET'S BACK UP. <br> Does this sound like you right now?

Does this sound like you right now?

LET'S BACK UP. <br> Does this sound like you right now?
  • You feel constantly torn between living life and trying to save, pay off debt or invest--which leads to feeling like you're behind where you should be by now.
  • You've tried to use a budget or plan finances before, but it's felt restrictive or unexpected things come up and you always end up saying 'screw it' and spending even more.

  • You've been chasing more income to get ahead, but as you bring in more dough, your bank account still isn't reflecting it. 

  • You feel behind. Maybe you feel embarrassed that you aren't farther ahead by now, or just discouraged about past financial mistakes, but money overall feels so stressful.
  • You told yourself you were only going to get a credit card for the points + cash back, but somehow ended up with a balance that seems to be growing too fast to manage. 

  • You are proud of the income you have, but are equally embarrassed because you have nothing to show for it. 

  • You spend like it's midnight on Black Friday every day of the week---impulse spending often leading to massive guilt and embarrassment for you.

That is totally me. Apply here!


  • You trusted your financial decisions and never felt guilty for buying new clothes or booking a vacation (or ordering a second glass of champagne).
  • You had no high interest debt (bye, credit cards!) or even no debt at all. 
  • You felt massively worthy of money coming your way, and knew that your "worst case scenario" is being a millionaire at retirement.
  • You never felt restricted and never again told yourself, "I can't buy that."
  • You felt confident AF when you logged into your investment accounts, because you've started or grown them and now you are watching your wealth multiply
  • You never stressed about money. Not only that, but you feel a deep sense of freedom and appreciation for money as a tool to help you reach your goals. 
  • You never overthink, overanalyze, or obsess over your finances, because you've set up systems that automate the process and worked to change your money beliefs

Welcome to your new reality.

A reality where you...

No longer have any high interest debt. 

Forget what it feels like to stress about money. 

Log into your investment portfolio and feel like a complete badass, because your money is working hard for you and you totally get what's going on. 

Never miss out on the friend vacation and you never feel guilty for buying yourself a new leather jacket. 

Genuinely feel happy, and don't use money as a way to fill emotional voids (No more having bad days at work end in an impulse shopping rampage).

Get to not get ahead with money for yourself, but create life-changing generational wealth for years to come


We've had hundreds of people go through Wealth Accelerator and completely change their financial trajectory. 

It can feel scary when your brain is trained to remind you to stay put in your comfort zone (aka stay stuck in the same place with money), but what would happen if you let yourself believe that you get to become the wealthy woman?




  • Welcome call + farewell call
  • In-depth welcome packet to help you hit the ground running on Day 1
  • 12 weeks of tailored video modules, breaking down everything you need to know about building wealth
  • Private Facebook group with current Wealth Accelerator round and all of your expert Deeper Than Money trained Money Coaches
  • Bi-weekly Live Facebook Q&As with Chloe
  • Bi-weekly intimate group coaching calls via Zoom with your Co-Coaches to apply all of the information to your situation
  • An accountability coach assigned to you, checking in regularly to provide support, answer questions, & keep you on track
  • BONUS modules & trainings
  • FREE access to bonus resources like the Negotiation Playbook & Hot Girl Finance (our 20 day audio course)

Sneak peak of all the things you'll get access to in The Wealth Accelerator™...


Week 1: The Starter Kit

Learning the basics of what you need to be successful. With so much noise out there about what you need or don't need, Week 1 makes it simple to figure out what you need to be successful.

Week 2: The Financial Audit

In order to figure out where you want to go, you first need to know exactly where you're at now. Week 2 helps you identify your starting point.

Week 3: The Secret Sauce

Learn the secret sauce on what it takes to make financial planning easy, by budgeting and planning effortlessly. 

Week 4: Create Your Master Plan

Finances can definitely be overwhelming about what needs to be tackled next and how to plan out exactly what you need to be doing. Week 4 creates a perfectly tailored plan just for you.

Week 5: How To Tackle Debt Quickly

What's better than paying off debt? Paying off debt fast. Week 5 teaches you exactly how to pay off your debt quickly. 

Week 6: Implementation Week

Week 6 is all about applying everything we've learned, and mastering the art of financial planning.

Week 7: Stop the Sabotage & Struggle

Find out why you get stuck, why you have blocks and why growing a bank account has seemed impossible for you.

Week 8: Attract Massive Wealth

Week 8 is all about making money feel easy for you, and finally feeling like money flows to you and is always going your way.

Week 9: Secret to Sustainable Results

Week 9 teaches you what to do when life throws you curveballs and unexpected things come up. Week 9 is all about showing you how to get massive results no matter what.

Week 10: Investing 101

WTF is investing, how do you start and what are all these confusing terms. This week you will learn how to plan to be a millionaire at retirement + invest outside of retirement too. 

Week 11: Planning for the Future

Relationships, buy a car vs. lease a car, buying a house, making babies---woah! How to plan for it all and start making financial decisions for the future. 

Week 12: Planning for Big Future Investments

Wouldn't it be nice to know the exact day you'll be debt free, be able to buy that engagement ring, save enough for a house or take that ballin' trip to Bali? Week 12 is all about planning out those big future investments so you can start the countdown. 



Chloe Elise is the CEO and founder of Deeper Than Money, a global financial literacy company dedicated to empowering and educating people on how to build guilt-free wealth. After paying off over $36,000 of debt in 18 months and becoming debt-free at 22 years old, Chloe watched her life transform as she learned how to build wealth without giving up her lifestyle. Chloe is now on a mission to become a millionaire before she turns 28 years old.

Chloe was born and raised in Iowa, but now lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her two pups, Rosie and Millie. She is a financial expert, host of a top finance podcast, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, NextAdvisor, Yahoo Finance, and MarketWatch, to name a few. Chloe has worked with thousands of clients around the globe to provide education on debt management, investing, and finances through the Deeper Than Money approach- a holistic approach to using money in a way that is emotionally, mentally, and logistically aligned with who we are today and who we want to become. Chloe believes that financial education is more than learning how to budget, pay off debt, or save for retirement. It's about the freedom that financial stability can provide, being able to live life to the fullest, feel confident, give generously, and improve the lives of those around us.




Cinnamon (Cinn for short) is a personal finance guru & reformed shopaholic who assists in tackling overspending, challenging negative money habits and finding the leakages that are holding back Millennials from capitalizing on their skill sets. After saving over $100k by paying off credit card debts in 1/10th of the time and becoming debt free in her early 20s, Cinn is the perfect addition to Wealth Accelerator.




Kathleen is a certified financial coach and previous Wealth Accelerator graduate who is passionate about helping to bring the Deeper Than Money mission to more people. Kathleen is a coach at heart and truly loves helping people. 


Keagan is a pro in the financial world. She spent nearly five years at an independent financial planning group, and went on to pursue her Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) designation in addition to being a certified financial coach. 



Did you know that in the U.S., the average cost of college per semester is $12,968?

It's "normal" to spend money (or even to take on debt) to get a college education.

And while college is a common investment to learn or get the qualifications to make good money,  making good money doesn't matter if you can't keep it

We teach you how to keep it. And at a fraction of the cost of other educational investments.

Our team will go over the investment (and explain different payment plans/ discounts we have available) on your application call.  



"Before the Wealth Accelerator, my debt was spiraling out of control! I thought I was approximately $15,000 in credit card debt, but it was worse than I had thought. My biggest stress in life was money, and I felt like I could never get a handle on it. I was incredibly nervous to invest in the Wealth Accelerator!! The main worry I had was that it was expensive and tht I'd just put money into another thing that wouldn't yield results! I realized SO quickly that I've gained much more than I had spent, and I was able to pay for the program while still paying down debt! I felt like I was a victim, I'd never understand money, and I just wanted to take my power back. During the Wealth Accelerator, I paid of credit card debt, created my emergency fund, and still had FUN in my life! My overall happiness improved with this course as well, which is so important. The Wealth Accelerator is one of the best investments I've ever made. I have a plan for paying down my debt. I have a new mindset surrounding money, and I honestly don't know where I would be if I hadn't pursued this amazing opportunity. This program has increased my overall happiness because I feel like I'm no longer drowning and stressing about money! The money I've saved by joining this community has been so worthwhile, and I'm forever grateful for it!"

- Lauren

Hear What Our Alumni Have to Say About Wealth Accelerator!

"The Wealth Accelerator was by far one of the best experiences of my life. I've paid off over $8,000 of credit card debt in the 3 months and have grown so much as a person."



Next round starts April 2023

Enrollment closes March 31st!

Apply now to be considered for the next round- spots are filling up fast! After filling out your application, you'll be directed to a link to schedule your application call with our team.

We can't wait to meet you!










How long is the course?

12 weeks

Does everyone get accepted?

No, not everyone gets accepted into the program. We are very picky with who we accept, since it's such an intimate group coaching program, your energy and participation will affect the group. We only accept those who are all in for their goals and committed to working hard. Also, it's important to us that it is the right time for you to take the Wealth Accelerator-- we want this to be a financial blessing, not a burden. If you are not a good fit, we will let you know and direct you to resources that may be a better fit.

Is it normal to be scared to apply?

Of course! Want to know why? Because you are leaving your comfort zone and your brain is biologically set up to make you fear the "unknown." Leaving your comfort zone can be scary, but ask yourself...what is inside your comfort zone? The SAME result you currently have. What is outside your comfort zone? The results you've been dreaming of. It's okay to leave your comfort zone. Think about other times you left your comfort zone and it was the best thing ever: first date, leaving home for college, job interviews, etc. If you want the same results--stay in your comfort zone. If you want the results you dream of....then it's okay to be scared and apply for The Wealth Accelerator anyway. 

What is the investment for the Wealth Accelerator™?

Since not every person is a good fit or accepted into the program, we want to make sure you are a good fit for the program before allowing you to jump in. The program is an investment in yourself and your future, but take some time and read the testimonials---the returns are more than worth it. 

What kind of support will I get in the program?

Allllllllll the support. You'll get a new module with videos from Chloe every week. You get group coaching calls with our coaches to get high-touch coaching and personalized advice for your situation. You get live Q&As with Chloe every other week. You also get technical support from our team + even more coaching from our team of four coaches in the private FB group for members only. 

What if my partner isn't on board?

Invite your partner to the conversation. Talk about how you could do this as a team (yes, we let partners take the course together for no additional investment!). Thank your partner for being nervous about the investment (they are just trying to keep you safe!), but remember that a lot of times, investing in yourself is scary because you're leaving your comfort zone. Show your partner all the testimonials and brainstorm all of the ways you could make a huge return on your investment by figuring out your finances now!

Side effects of Wealth Accelerator include results like...