If you are ready to go from confused and overwhelmed about investing... to sitting back (margarita in hand) and watching your investment accounts grow--you're in the right place. 

Welcome to the Investing Masterclass Bundle- where you'll learn everything you need to know about how to start investing confidently. 


Who is this for?

This is made for you if you are sick of feeling in the dark when it comes to investing and you want to finally not just understand how it works, but get everything set up to get in the game.


What does an
investor look like?

What does an <br>investor look like?

For too long I told myself that I couldn't ever be good with money or be an investor. Investors were bougie, boring men in suits, right?

Not. Any. More.

Grab your Starbucks, your most adorable matching lounge set & take a cute mirror selfie. THAT is what an investor looks like. You, as you are. 

Welcome to the club. 

What does an <br>investor look like?


  • Embarrassed when someone brings up retirement accounts because you honestly don't get how they work, how yours is being invested, or where to start
  • Scared of making the wrong mistakes or losing money and so you keep waiting to invest, but then feel behind for not starting earlier
  • Overwhelmed because you know you have big goals, and you feel confused about what's the best strategy to help you tackle them
  • Intimidated to talk to a financial advisor or unsure if you even need one
  • Like your savings account is growing slow and you want to be able to sit back and watch your investments (money) grow
  • Hella annoyed being mansplained what you need to do with your investments and want to learn from someone who will break it down for you into easily digestible pieces
That's me- I need this!

your new fav money expert

MEET CHLOE your new fav money expert

Chloe is a certified financial coach, life coach and the CEO + Founder of Deeper Than Money, a financial literacy company dedicated to empowering and educating people about finances. 

Chloe watched as her own life transformed after paying off $36,000 of debt and becoming debt free at 22 years old. She then went on to save & invest over $450k at 25 years old. Seeing the life-long impact that getting her finances together would have, she decided she had to go and show others how to experience that same type of freedom. 

She is currently working on her goal to become a millionaire before 28 years old and is using investing as a tool to get there and now teaches other women how to create financial independence in their own lives.

MEET CHLOE your new fav money expert


  • Investing seems super intimidating, and you're afraid of sounding stupid if you ask a dumb question
  • You so desperately want to become an investing mogul, but you feel so stressed in the "how" and just wish you had a step by step process to walk you through it.
  • You imagine checking your investments to watch your net worth continue to soar up.
  • You are low key stressed out about the implications with investing (taxes, fees & more) and want to learn what your options are from someone who doesn't make commission on your decision. 

Did you know?

At 24 years old if you invested $200 per month, you would have $1 MILLION at retirement. 

If you wait 10 years and start investing at 34, if you still invested $200 a month you would only have $400,000 at retirement. 

Waiting to figure out investing can be costing you big time. 


The good news is--we are going to walk you through step-by-step every single thing you need to know to get started TODAY and start letting time grow your investments, instead of your hard work alone.




  • Automatic payments flow into your investment accounts and you get to sit back with confidence. 
  • You never have to turn your back on Starbucks or stop adding to cart, because your money makes you money in your sleep.
  • You never stress over market fluctuations or get overwhelmed seeing click-bait news articles about the market, because you have full confidence in your investment portfolio. 
  • You truly feel like a badass as you are locking in your millionaire status while you're young.


If that's your goal...this masterclass bundle is for you.

Hell yeah, I'm in!

What do we cover in Investing 101 & Investing 201?

Investing 101

Investing 201 is the PART 2 to Investing 101, which is why we highly recommend grabbing Investing 101 prior to watching Investing 201. We will not be answering questions in Investing 201 that were answered in Investing 101, so we are able to cover as much as possible in Investing 201. We are giving you a bundled discount on Investing 101 if you grab them together. 

  • What steps to take before you start investing
  • When to start investing & how debt impacts that decision
  • How the market works & why it's set up the way it is
  • What is investing overall & how to utilize investing to build wealth
  • Using a financial advisor vs. DIY investing
  • Retirement vs. non-retirement investments
  • Optimizing your company match
  • Understanding mutual funds, index funds, ETFs & brokerage accounts 
  • How to find trustworthy people to work with
  • & so much more

Investing 201

Investing 201 is the PART 2 to Investing 101, which is why we highly recommend grabbing Investing 101 prior to watching Investing 201. We will not be answering questions in Investing 201 that were answered in Investing 101, so we are able to cover as much as possible in Investing 201.


  • Creating your personal investing goals
  • Understanding short, mid and long-term goals with investments and how those shift your investment strategy
  • Taxation of different accounts (being taxed doesn't need to scare you!)
  • What does it mean when the market is down? Are you "losing" money?
  • Looking inside of your retirement accounts (what's in your 401(k), etc). 
  • Rolling over a 401(k) from an old job--what do you do?
  • What makes a balanced portfolio?
  • How to set up different accounts 
  • Once they're set up, now what?
  • Investing for a child's future (great for nieces or nephews!)
  • What about Health Savings Accounts?
  • Protecting the wealth you've built (prenups, a will, insurance, etc)
  • Other ways to invest in yourself 

A Note From Chloe

I get asked a lot if I've always been good with money. 

The answer? Hell no.

I grew up in a small town in Iowa and learned quickly how to work hard. I had a lot of part time jobs and was making good money for a highschooler, but had nothing to show for it. 

This continued into college where I was your typical broke college student- working my ass off with part time jobs and even donating plasma to pay for jumbo margaritas on the weekend. I worked hard and made money, but I had no idea how to keep it. 

When it came to investing, when I started my corporate job after college and was asked which retirement options I would like to take advantage of--I had no f*cking clue what a 401(k) was, not to mention how to use it. 

Learning how to invest (and invest confidently) changed the game for me when it came to building wealth. 

There are so many confusing and boring resources on investing OR people teaching you who personally benefit off of your investing decisions. 

This masterclass is an unbiased, informational, easy-to-understand, fun, step-by-step way to learn how to become a badass investor. 

It's time to watch your wealth skyrocket.

Is this masterclass bundle for me?

One of the biggest problems with investing is that there is such a huge barrier to entry. It is confusing. There are big words. And most of us spend out time in school either not learning about money or learning how to write a check. Sure, I might write a check *once a year* but investing is the key to building massive wealth, and unless your parents taught you, how the hell are you supposed to know what to do?

We are on a mission to get the knowledge, understanding and confidence of investing into EVERYONE'S hands. At the end of the day, anyone who wants to build wealth needs to understand investing--so if that's you...welcome. 

We are here to show you how to build shame-free wealth. 

I am IN!

What if I have debt?

What if I have debt?
  • First of all, having debt doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't be investing right now. We explain how to figure this out in the masterclass!
  • Secondly, even if you aren't ready to start investing, understanding your options and confidently knowing how this works will stop you from feeling "behind" because you will have a plan.
  • Thirdly, there are so many different ways to invest and you can wait on some, but dive into others. It's not all or nothing. 
  • Lastly, you get lifetime access to the masterclass recording, and this will not be available for sale after. So you can grab now and rewatch once you're ready to implement further strategies.
Sign me up!


Grab Investing 101, 201, or the bundle below. As a reminder, we highly recommend watching Investing 101 BEFORE 201, so make sure you already have 101 if you're choosing the 201 only option!

Investing 101 + 201 Bundle


Includes Investing 101 + Investing 201

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Investing 101


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Investing 201


Includes Investing 201 only


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We highly recommend watching Investing 101 before Investing 201. These classes are designed to go together, and 201 will build upon the info from 101. While 201 will have a brief recap of 101 at the beginning, it will be very short before diving into new info.

If it's been awhile since you watched Investing 101, now's a great time to go through it as a refresher before jumping into 201.

After purchase, log in to your DTM account and press play! 

Yes, closed captioning will be available for Investing 201 on the live video webinar through Zoom, and closed captions will be visible on the screen of the recorded video as well.

Nope! You get lifetime access to any masterclass you purchase.